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Gilbert's parents

Gilbert Seagraves, (#I85), born about 1797 in North Carolina, is the progenitor of many Seagraves (including both of us) in this listing. Much research to date has not yet discovered any viable leads to determining who his parents were. Much less, any verifiable facts. Too many options exist and no dependable records survive from either Wake or Anson Counties, North Carolina where he might have been born and raised. Only primary sources are useful. Speculation abounds and more is not necessary. We can provide detailed analyses of the situation and state of the research if anyone is interested in pursuing the problem.
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Connection with Europe

We are convinced that our original ancestors migrated to North America from Europe, however, except for The Seagrave family of Massachusetts, we have found no sources that describe when or who those ancestors may have been. Even the official chronicler of The Massachusetts Seagrave family, Daniel Seagrave, in his 1881 "Genealogy of the Seagrave Family From 1725 to 1881" admits that the probable first Seagrave family, John & Sarah Seagrave, may have come from Leicestershire in England "probably between ...1725 and 1730". However, he admits that there was "no documentary record...of the exact year of their emigration"..or any "connecting link between the families of England and those of America". That "traditionary evidence" is better than the complete lack of any clues or records for the origins of the New Jersey or the North Carolina Settlements. A William Segrave seems to have moved from New York around 1700 to settle in southern New Jersey to become the progenitor of that line of descent. He is listed in this database as person #I5479. He has several events in New York and New Jersey assigned to him, but nothing has yet been found to clearly pinpoint when and where he was born. The North Carolina Settlement has a similar situation with a progenitor named Francis Segrave (#I616). Francis is well recorded variously in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina between 1694 and 1725. The DAR Patriot Index listing for a probable descendant,John Seagraves, identifies Francis as his ancestor who came from England. But it is not clear how accurate that information might be. These three Settlements from which almost all living Seagraves (all spellings) descend have limited or no information on the birth date or place of the original ancestor.

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